Track traffic – web and mobile. Gather behavioral information about visitors. Understand their interests with your business, products, and services in real time with visuals and pipelines. Curated data helps you to create segments.
Web and Mobile Traffic
Collect, report, and analyze the website traffic through web and mobile. Identify and set metrics by aligning the goals of the user and the organization. Measure the rate of success or failure. Drive strategies based on the set goals. Improvise. The criticality and relevance of any analysis start from setting the right KPIs.
Mobile App Installs, Uninstalls, and Launch
Understand the user behavior from the time of the app install throughout the usage. And not to mention the right reasons to know the app uninstalls. With LivePinch, take control over your app ecosystem.
Personalized user actions
Track system actions like emails and web-push sent. Track user actions like emails opened and web-push received on these events. Record and relate to user actions. Apart from tracking these system events automatically, you can follow any named event and associate any properties with the event to get multi-faceted engagement and interaction with a profile.

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