Visualize your program's effectiveness. See KPIs at-a-glance. Measure the costs of activities across all channels. Review the results. Drill down and dig deeper. Customize. Connect APIs. A compatible and scalable dashboard at hand.
Configurable KPIs
Build your dashboard instantaneously. Add KPIs there and then. Monitor performance day in day out in real time rather than individual reports.
Understand the user journey. Identify where drop-offs happen. Funnels help you to reason the fall offs, rearrange the assets for higher conversion, and accomplish your goals.
RFM Analysis
Segment customers by the frequency and the value of the purchase. Identify your star and champion customers.
  • Recency – time since the last purchase
  • Frequency – the time between purchases
  • Monetary value – the total amount of a purchase

Classify your customers based on the buying pattern. Create relevant promotional campaigns for each group.

Customer Behaviour
Customer Behavior
Actions speak louder than words. Observe the actions and know better. Understand the time spent at touchpoints. Are they reading your emails? Are they engaging in your notifications? Identify the likes and dislikes and act accordingly.
Cohort Analysis
Find out the causes for customer churn. Identify ways to bring them back. Improve product stickiness. Drive loyalty and retention by utilizing demographics and technographic with cohort reports.

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