Quick Dry Cleaning and LivePinch Join Hands to Empower Independent Launderers

QDC and LivePinch Partnership

Independent dry cleaners and launders are expected to reap the benefits of the Quick Dry Cleaning (QDC) and LivePinch association; a partnership that integrates holistic business management prowess with the intuitiveness of an intelligent customer engagement platform and an array of automation tools.

Quick Dry Cleaning partnering with LivePinch is a strategic step towards a better future of the one-dimensional laundry businesses that will now have an integrated data management platform to fall back upon. The collaborative association will empower launderers to improve their business outreach while targeting customers across diverse channels with considerable levels of precision.

QDC and LivePinch recently joined hands, amid the scourging effects of the global pandemic, in an effort to ensure sustenance and growth of the neglected laundry businesses. With a majority of the client base restricted indoors due to the continued lockdown, most physical laundry outlets aren’t getting the requisite number of jobs to maintain the workforce. The unified Customer Targeting software is expected to make things easier by pushing forth the concepts of contactless pickup and drop, seamless online payments, and more.QDC-LivePinch association makes the software more granular and highly customer focused. This will take the industry to a different level of customer satisfaction. Click To Tweet

QDC is a sought-after data-centric business management solution, specifically for the laundry businesses. Having a digital partner in QDC allows launderers to automate several business tasks like delivery and pickup scheduling, accounting, reporting, tagging, and invoicing with significant ease. The company offers diverse entrepreneurial product suites for single stores, multiple outlets, and launderers interested in starting a new business.

Partnering with LivePinch will allow QDC to offer a more intelligent, real-time engagement platform to the launders. Laundry businesses with the well-rounded business management software at the helm can effectively track the journey of every customer, regardless of the dynamic preferences and behavior. LivePinch, on the other hand, will benefit from the intelligent store management capabilities of QDC and can extend their resources in a more streamlined manner.

Here are the impactful areas where this association can prove to be a handful:
  • OmniChannel Customer Targeting

Each one of QDC’s marketing channel is synchronized, aligned, and attended to. LivePinch utilizes its Customer Engagement Platform and helps QDC create specialized user funnels, based on the channel they are interacting with. Segmenting, tracking, and retargeting the customers are now made possible with this rewarding association.

  • Targeted Campaign Creation and Optimization

LivePinch allows QDC customers to benefit from contextual campaign creation, orchestration, and optimization techniques. While QDC’s interactive platform makes customer outreach worries distant realities, LivePinch further improves the contextual targeting with segmentation and user workflows and that too in real-time.

  • Improved Bottom-line

Launderers are able to levy additional charges as this holistic business management solution improves their credibility. The QDC-LivePinch powered software eliminates contact-based activities for the customers who can now connect with businesses in a more intuitive manner and across digital channels.

Although business management software is necessary for the launderers and dry cleaners, each business has a separate and unique clientele. QDC-LivePinch association makes the software more granular and highly customer focused; thereby allowing businesses to target each customer on the basis of their delivery, pickup, payment, service-oriented, and messaging preferences.

The combined QDC-LivePinch software is expected to be a path-breaking solution for the laundry industry in its entirety.  With social distancing and contactless business solutions becoming norms, the intelligent software and the productive association are going to ease out a lot of complications for the independent launderers.

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