Is your Marketing Sentient?

We are entering a new realm of marketing called Sentient Marketing, says Mohanbir Sawhney in his book – The sentient enterprise: The evolution of Business Decision Making. He describes the marketer’s approach of customer engagement powered by data, scaled with automation and personalized through AI as Sentient Marketing. And the enterprise adopting the practices as a Sentient Enterprise.

He lays out four key goals that sentient marketing achieves:

  1. Personalized: Customer interaction is a journey where all the customer activities lead to datasets through which the brands improvise the next level of interactions. Precisely what LivePinch offers in Customer Lifecycle Management.
  2. Engagement: Break the traditional one-way messaging practice by brands with a singular motive to influence the purchase decisions of the customers. Transcend to personalized behavioral messaging built on customer preferences and feedbacks. Companies using LivePinch have started powering up their omnichannel engagement with rule-based logic running on customers’ actions and inactions.
  3. At Scale: When it comes to scaling, personalization might look impractical. However, with the help of automation, you can squeeze a sizable portion of human efforts, and make personalization possible at any amount of data.
  4. In Realtime: Customers’ expectations are growing, particularly the responsiveness. Brands are in the nudge to keep up. Brands integrate LivePinch and minimize the latency in the engagement.

How to bring in the capabilities to your current system?

  • Customer Journeys:Track your customer journeys. The goal here is to understand the interests of the customers as much as possible and interact in sync. Let them know you know them. Your content needs to be in context with the customers’ intent.
  • Automate user segments: Create numerous user segments throughout the customer journeys with factoring in their behaviors, demographics, purchase patterns, actions, interests, and choices. LivePinch can
    come in handy and make it possible in a few clicks. Automate this process using workflows.
  • Omni-channel communication:You know what to offer because you know what the segments seek. Build a consistent messaging system across all channels. Build logical ways to send out the messages based on the user’s availability and response in that channel. See in what channel the user is engaging and how with metrics like open rates, clicks, conversions, and unsubscribe requests.

Create an experience where your consumers connect to you, build relationships, and individualize every interaction. Shift your marketing to Sentient with the power of automation and realtime customer engagement.

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