Let’s understand GDPR 

The European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a comprehensive data protection law that governs how entities operating in the EU, targeting products and services to individuals in the EU or monitoring the behavior of EU citizens, handle personal information. The GDPR unifies and strengthens the protection of personal data of people residing within the member states of the European Union. More information is available at the EU GDPR Website

How does LivePinch enable the GDPR compliance?

GDPR defines three primary actors

  • Data Subject (Your Customers) are the end users whose personal data is being processed by the other data controllers and data processors
  • Data Controller (You) collects and process the end users personal data
  • Data Processor (LivePinch) who process the end user data on the data controllers’ behalf

Rights of Users

1. Right to access

Under GDPR, individuals have the right to obtain:

  • Confirmation about their data being processed
  • Access to their data
  • Other supplementary information – that broadly corresponds to the information that should be provided in a privacy notice

LivePinch provides you(the data controller), the entire profile data for download. The administrators of your system can request this data and share it with the end users

2. The right to rectification

Individuals are entitled to have personal data rectified if it is inaccurate or incomplete. If you, as the data controller, have disclosed the personal data of the data subject (the end users) to third parties, you must inform the third parties of the rectification wherever applicable

LivePinch provides CSV upload feature, Profile Edit Feature as well as APIs to update user information. You can use any of these means to rectify profile data

3. The right to erasure

Individuals have the right to get personal data concerning them erased by the controllers. The right to erasure is also known as the right to be forgotten.

LivePinch provides you (the data controller), the ability to delete the entire data of a given profile. Before deleting any data, you must recommend your end users to log out and uninstall from all other apps. All the data for the changed user gets removed, and changes reflect in all the relevant reports.

4. The right to restriction of processing

Data Subjects have the right to ‘block’ or suppress the processing of specific subsets of their data in the event of inaccurate or improperly obtained data. When processing is restricted, you are permitted to store the personal data, but not further process it. You can retain just enough information about the individual to ensure that you respect the restriction in the future.

LivePinch allows you, the data controller, to mark profiles that are to be blocked to prevent any processing of these profiles. You can only mark the entire profile and specific subsets of the data. You can re-enable processing at any given time.

5. The right to data portability

The right to data portability allows individuals to obtain and reuse their data for their purposes across different services.
LivePinch provides you, the data controller, the entire profile data for download. The administrators of your system can request this data and share it with the end users.

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