Communicate to your customers with the most popular and proven channel. Personalize your message and converse one-on-one. Over and above, it's economical and non-intrusive.
Email builder
Email builders
Create email templates using WYSIWYG editors or use simple drag-and-drop premade stencils or upload your templates.
Personalize your email with real time information. Set up your system to trigger emails based on user actions and inactions. Move away from one-message-to-all communique. Stop being a bot and shift to contextual personalized messages. Program logics and deploy conditions in loops. With this way you can increase your impact on response and conversion rates.
Understand and measure the effectiveness of your all email campaigns. Run A/B tests to refine your reach. Find out the stickiness of the audience through features like Time Spent on Email, Heatmap of the template and demographic data of the audience that engage. Reach your goals with informed decisions.

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