Automating customer interest and retention through Digital Marketing

Has the customer opened the digital collateral, has the customer reacted to it, what was the reaction, what should be the follow-on response, can we retain this customer? All these are essential questions for a marketing team and for the product owners. So in this day and age do we really need a set of human eyes to keep this vigilance? Not really. Digital marketing platforms are getting smarter, customer acquisition and retention are far more digitised. Machine Learning algorithms come as smart aide for attracting a customer’s attention and also ensuring the customer not only shows interest in the brand once but is given relevant information to keep coming back.

Other relevant questions are whether as a digital marketeer are you investing on human resources for a two-eye surveillance on potential customers or are you investing on a digital platform that automates customer pull and retention? LivePinch has a sophisticated segmentation engine, automated schedulers, flow designer, state of the art content creation tools and advanced reporting tools can help you with just this, and a whole lot more. Would you want to know more? Give us a shout. #digitalmarketing #customer #customerengagement #marketing

How companies bumped up to 20% retention in a single campaign?

You are a great brand. You have a powerful product. You make irresistible offers. Yet your campaigns fall flat. Where did things go wrong? A marketer would want to fix this first before starting the next campaign. We will help.

Our first and foremost question: do you have a digital platform that can give insights into customer data? If your answer is ‘No,’ then it’s high time you digitize. If your answer is yes, then our next question is, have you integrated a marketing automation platform to your digital set up?

The reason behind these questions is straightforward – the digital environment is a data-driven powerhouse. All digital interactions are trackable. Answers all your right questions – who and when, why, and what?


Leading-edge customer engagement platforms like LivePinch gives the ability to shift from manual systems to automation. Marketers can automate live segmentation, rule-based workflows, and realtime engagement.


With this approach, there are numerous case studies of companies bumping their retention by 20%. One such is how HDFC Life used LivePinch and increased its retention by 20%.

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