Automate. But don’t be a bot.

As humans, we crave connections. It can be a thankyou note or a birthday wish. Imagine you get two notes on your birthday from two of your favorite brands: one saying “Happy Birthday” and the other saying, “May this 30th Birthday fulfill all your dreams, Sam”. To which message would you connect? Which brand do you think knows you better?

The approach of yelling for attention to sell something is over! So is a detached and fragmented communique. In the current era of marketing, brands compete against each other to capture the consumers’ attention – not to close a sale, but to associate, and build the relationship. Brands strive to strengthen their bond with consumers at every possible touchpoint. What’s in it for a brand? It strengthens brand and consumer connectivity, builds relations, deepens loyalty, gains retention, extends the sustainability of the brand.

How can a brand humanize customer engagement?
Through any marketing automation tool, you can send automated messages via email, web, social, and SMS. However, tools like LivePinch gives the power to understand and track your consumers, and talk to them with relevance. LivePinch can create subsequent algorithmic levels of engagement conditional to your reactions to the first level of communication. Workflows are the wizards that empower you with the magic – to convert automated messages to personalized and contextual engagement at any scale.

Be it a transactional text, or an abandoned cart alert, when every data is tracked and built around a consumer, over layers of logical rules, conditions, and loops, you humanize customer engagement through automation.

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