5 Ways To Personalise Your Customer Approach


You must have had an experience of signing a feedback form while having dinner at your favourite restaurant. And to your surprise on your birthday you receive a personalised birthday wish from that same restaurant. That moment is a surprise for you but for them, it’s another “Personalised Engagement” which is the new norm with all the brands.

Personalisation now works as a key factor in enabling loyal customer engagement. The personalised approach can be segregated into different attainable pillars like:

  • Publishing business content, based on explicit preferences or previous behavioural history.
  • Targeting the audience with the right approach, the right offer in the right place.
  • Tailoring and configuring marketing campaigns based on different experiences.

Such kinds of approaches seem to be rational, result-driven, and productive in nature. If we tend to step into customer’s shoes then we can gauge their conceptions, aspirations in a more personalised way.

Below are a few eye-popping averages on why Personalisation is so important:

Personalised Customer Approach

So, what does it take to improve customer engagement through a personalised approach? In today’s highly competitive environment, the brands have been very innovative in marketing, re-marketing, and doing retention activities to all their customers. There are literally 100s of ways to personalise your customers. Here we look into some of the top ones which are followed and very successful with some of the huge brands.

Let us look over and explore the top 5 possible ways of personalisation:
1. Use Email marketing not to invade but to invite

Personalised in terms of email marketing implies perfectly-timed messages without being too invasive. Respect your customer time, do a little bit of research on the timings and make use of the CRM platform to the fullest. Segment your audience and make sure you send the most relevant email to the user-related or as an added journey to his or her previous transaction.

2. Segregate your Email Contacts

Make use of the newsletters but don’t make them boring to skip. To ensure each email does the work, try to segregate the email lists and send messages accordingly. Use A/B testing or even better multivariate testing which gives you the opportunity to understand your audience even better. When you do that, chances increase in terms of open rates, email relevance, and resolution to lower opt-out-rates.

3. Greet Them on Special Occasions

Customers will value you more when they are remembered on special occasions. It could be anything from birthdays to any special events. This, in the long run, will make your brand stronger with your audience. You can do this in your email marketing software by automating a birthday wish to the customers on their birthday. You can also make use of those special occasions like Christmas Day and Valentine’s Day. The options are limitless. It’s just how you make use of them. This is another way of creating personalised engagement with your customers.

4. Make smart use of CRM

The use of CRM judiciously can help in the retention of your customers. The kind of relationship management a CRM does is helpful in improving companies’ interactions with the current as well as prospective customers. You can make use of a Customer Engagement software to track individual behavioral data of the customers to streamline their shopping and user habits. Once this data is available you can personalise the user journeys and go to a granular level of communication with the user to their exact level likes and dislikes.

5. Reflect your Human Side

Human to human interaction is a must and it should reflect companies aspirations for the same. 89% of the customers prefer to engage with a brand that supports a face. One way of cracking that hole is to use the name of the representative of the concerned department into the email bylines. You can also personalise this method by interacting with your customers on various social media platforms or the communication tool which you use.

Way Forward

Creating a personalised experience will let your customers interact with your brand in a more positive way. You need to have a good understanding of who they are and make use of tools like Customer Engagement Platform, surveys, data, social media, etc. Once you have a stronghold upon the dynamics of the customers, you can see that improvement in terms of sales and engagement in any brand for sure.

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